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Bringing more than thirty years of experience, Toucan Removals are the interstate removalists Sunshine Coast residents can rely on to provide a high-quality, convenient solution to their moving requirements. No matter how large or compact your existing property might be, or how many belongings it contains, you can rely on us to move everything safely to your new home or premises across the country.

Our expert drivers and seasoned packers do everything required to make sure your goods are stowed quickly and safely. We have invested in vehicles that have the suspension and stability to carry a large load smoothly. Our drivers proceed with caution, making sure your belongings arrive in one piece. We specialise in longer, interstate removals, offering a competitively priced, efficient service that gives excellent value without ever compromising on the quality of the service you receive.

Our Interstate Removal Services

We understand that moving interstate can be a stressful experience - the distance you're travelling means it's vital that everything is packed correctly the first time around - it's not as if you can easily go back to retrieve anything that's forgotten! Luckily, we're used to moving the contents of homes and offices from one end of the country to the other.

If you're planning a move from the Gold Coast over to Perth, Melbourne, Queensland or up into the Northern Territory, our people and vehicles can get the job done Australia wide.

Our service includes everything needed to ensure your possessions are safely moved. Not only do we offer a complete valet packing service, but we also provide secure storage if you need somewhere to store your belongings until their final destination is ready for them.

Valet Services

Why not let Toucan Removals pack up all your possessions, leaving you free to concentrate on other priorities? If required, we will carefully pack everything, from crockery, garden tools, rugs, dressers, beds and more, securely into boxes, before loading it up onto the van for removals.

If necessary, we can partially disassemble larger items during furniture removals, so that they are easier to move and less prone to damage. At the other end, we can unload everything and unpack it into the correct room. By the end of this process, your belongings will all be in position, ready for you to just walk in and start enjoying your new accommodation.

If you're planning a commercial or office move, we can disassemble everything from cabling to storage and transfer it safely to your new premises.

The advantage of a full valet moving service is that only minimal preparation for the move needs to be done. There's no need to pack items prior to the moving date, remove or disassemble items, or carry out any other preparatory work. If required, our professional team can do the whole thing for you.

For customers who are looking to save a bit on costs, it's possible to do your own packing, leaving us to just load the boxes onto the van. If necessary, we're happy to provide packing materials, ensuring you've got durable, protective boxes and wrap to optimise the safety of your items.

There are all sorts of reasons why your new premises may not be ready following your interstate removals. In these circumstances, we can store your belongings until you're ready to have them delivered to their final destination.

Not only can we store all your possessions until they're needed, we can also store some of them in the long-term - if you're temporarily moving across the country to an apartment that's much smaller than your existing property, for example, we can store most of your possessions until you're ready to move again, just dropping off the ones you need at your new address and putting the rest in storage.

Our storage is weatherproof, pest proof, dry and extremely secure. All goods are stored safely and handled with care. Our staff are the only ones that move goods in our storage, ensuring your belongings will be treated with the respect and attention they deserve.

Boxes In A Warehouse

From Houses To Single Rooms

As interstate removalists Sunshine Coast homeowners and business owners can rely on to move almost anything safely and promptly, we can successfully complete moves of all sizes.

Whether you're moving the contents of a large home, office, townhouse, a one-bed flat, a single room, or anything in between, you'll receive the same high level of professionalism and customer care at every stage of your dealings with us.

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Toucan Removals are a professional removalist business that strives to always go above and beyond for every customer.

Call the Toucan team on 1800 TOUCAN to find out more about our services for your next move.

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